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Electric Arc Furnace are totally designed in the group’s workshops

Thanks to a great experience, SAMA is one of the most popular electric arc furnace manufacturers that stands out for a innovative design, superb quality manufacturing and main technological processes in the sector; our products can use different charge’s material type (scrab, hot & cold DRI, HBI, etc…).

SAMA’s Electric Furnaces, thanks to a remarkable range of charging materials, enable customers to choose charging blend according to availability or economics advantages, without compromising productivity.

SAMA’s products stand out for minor maintenance necessity and upstanding production quality.

SAMA can also provide Electric Furnaces, equipped with:


▪ tilting platform with 1 or 2 hydraulic cylinders
▪ lower shell and upper shell
▪ conductive electrode arms of box-shape, design made of bimetallic sheet (steel-copper)
▪ Water-cooled roof
▪ Water-cooled panels
▪ Burners and oxygen injectors
▪ Water-cooled copper boxes for injector installation on the EAF shell.
▪ Injectors for carbon, lime and any other solid materials.
▪ Electrics & automation (level 1 & 2)
▪ Electrode regulation system
▪ Automatic EBT cleaning
▪ Automatic sand filling device
▪ Automatic sampling & temperature device
▪ Automatic slag door with auto-cleaning and scrap pushing car
▪ Liquid bath weight controlling system
▪ Cabine control.

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